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Our Mission: Detect cancer earlier than with every other method on the market to support early diagnosis and treatment

Increased amounts of CTCs in the blood indicate cancer. But only 1 to 10 CTCs there are usually among 107 leukocytes per milliliter blood. Finding the CTCs as soon as possible is enabling treatment before cancer can even be seen by imaging methods. To find even lowest concentrations of CTC in the blood, a sample is not sufficient. HaimaChek isolates the cells in vivo by placing a BMProbe into a vein, enabling the antibodies to screen up to 2,000ml of blood and detect and isolate100x more CTCs. In the medical community links between cancer and CTCs are being widely studied. DNA sequencing, rapid discovery of new biomarkers and personalization of treatment is getting massive traction in the last couple of years. CTCs are the link to identification and diagnose - and the therapy of cancer.

Target population for non-small cell lung cancer and prostate cancer only is 659,000

The addressable market size for these two indications is $1.27B

There is a number of competitors on the market. Except for one company all of them use a blood biopsy of up to 7.5 ml with a 100x smaller chance of finding CTCs.


Welcome to HaimaChek

HaimaChek Inc. is a Medical Device Company developing and producing an innovative and disruptive technology for in vivo blood biopsy aimed at isolation of rare cells, pathogens and nucleic acids. HaimaChek's flagship product is a percutaneous BMProbe for the collection, isolation and identification of rare circulating tumor cells (CTCs) and circulating endothelial cells (CECs).

This in vivo CTC collection enables early cancer detection and allows downstream diagnostic analysis. HaimaChek is providing a real time, personalized, precision medicine approach to cancer diagnostics and treatment by screening up to 2000ml blood without draining blood from patients. Additional applications include cardiovascular disease detection via CEC capture. The probe consists of a functionalized medical wire, coated with a polymer to which antibodies are attached that bind antigens present on CTCs and CECs. Compared to current blood biopsy that only analyze up to 10ml of blood, the HaimaChek BMProbe significantly increases detection and isolation rates (100x) of these rare cells allowing multiple downstream assessments. This increased sensitivity enables cancer diagnostics in very early stages of the disease, not possible with competing technologies.

The company's area of focus:
Infectious diseases

A patented technology platform that outperforms all competitors in the CTC market and uniquely offers further application to vascular and infectious diseases.